Merge Examples with TinyButStrong

How to use the examples :
1/ Choose an example in the menu on the left.
2/ Change the display in the menu on the left in order to see
- the merge result,
- the HTML Template Page,
- the HTML Template Source,
- the corresponding PHP program.
How to install the examples:

If these examples are not put under a convenient environment which can execute PHP scripts, then only Templates can be displayed. Merge Results, Template Source and PHP Program Source won't be available.

->MySQL database:

To display the example that uses MySQL data, you have to create a table using the script contained in the file tbs_us_examples_datamysql.sql,  then you have to modify the file tbs_us_examples_datamysql.php in order to make a connection to the database.

-> Other databases:

Examples for other databases will never display in 'Result' mode.